St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Bringing the Power of Christ to the World

1924 - 1973

Rev. Norman H. Flickinger greets members. The man with the hat is J.L. Patterson, contractor for the Education Wing.
In 1927, when times were good, it was decided to build a Religious Education wing and add new brick veneer to the existing building at an estimated cost of $72,000. The groundbreaking took place on Palm Sunday in 1928. The dedication service of the completed building took place on Sunday, March 10, 1929. This was followed by a full week of activities and events. The new addition contained 43 rooms in all, including 22 class rooms, 5 assembly rooms, a ladies’ parlor, with kitchenette, choir room, nursery, boy scout room, library, shower rooms, toilets on three floors, and a fully equipped kitchen and gymnasium. This was just seven months prior to the Great Depression that started in October of 1929.
Outside St. Paul's Church, Easter 1930 
In the 1930’s financial affairs were of much concern. Pipes were damaged by freezing, windows in the new building needed attention and in 1937 the building debt was still $50,000.  In 1939 salaries were cut twenty percent and other emergency steps were taken. The church debt was $40,000. The mortgage on this building was not burned until October of 1943. A bequest from Jessie Hershiser, for 50 years a librarian at Tiffin’s Library, who served for fifty years as superintendent of the primary department of St. Paul’s Sunday School, made this possible.
The 120th anniversary of St. Paul’s was celebrated in 1944. Bishop Edwin Holt Hughes, also a former St. Paul’s pastor, was the speaker. The kitchen was moved from the basement to the rear of the assembly room in 1948. In the late 1940’s as many veterans and their families came to St. Paul’s the Fellowship Class was formed. In 1951, new electrical wiring and switches were installed in the sanctuary. The Partners-In-Faith Class was organized in 1957. A new pipe organ was also installed that year, at a cost of $12,000. That same year a new roof was put on the education wing and St. Paul’s sponsored a drive-in worship service at a theatre north of Tiffin. In 1961, the gymnasium and nursery were remodeled at a cost of $33,228.
By 1966, church membership was 780 with 400 church families. The average church attendance was 217. Following the national church merger, the local church’s name becomes St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in 1968. In 1970, the church library was organized. Property was purchased on Monroe Street in 1970, for use as a parking lot. After three years of fund-raising an elevator was installed in 1973.